Welcome to my garage sale :D

Hi! My Name is Alyssa and i'm from Greece, this will be my only post, i just created this account
to sell my precious things from my visual kei era, so let's hope they find new people who will loved them (。◕‿◕。)

i have been away from this community for a along time, so if you think the princes aren't just or right, tell me so we can discuss them maybe

--------- -------- ----------

Dir en Grey -THE CODE OF VULGAR [ism] Limited Edition DVD - 65€

                                    --------- -------- ----------

the GazettE - Nameless Liberty.Six Guns  1st Press Edition DVD - 75€

                                     --------- -------- ----------

Pierrot - Dictator Circus VI FAN CLUB only DVD - 80€


Pierrot - Attack to the Freedom FAN CLUB only DVD - 80€

                                  --------- -------- ----------

PS Company -
Peace&Smile Carnival tour 2005 first press DVD (with poster and pamphlet) 50€

PS Company 10th Anniversary Peace&Smile Carnival firstpress DVD - 50€